Aina Purroy

I work with the first grade students. The students call me Señorita Aina.

I am from Barcelona, Spain. I received a dual degree in elementary education (ages 6-12) with an English focus and early childhood education (ages 0-6). I also completed a specialized course in Special Education to work with children with special educational needs. I completed my program in June 2019.

During my time here at Adams, I want to learn other ways of teaching and especially how to teach in a language that is not the native language of most of the children. I would also like to travel a little through the US. To learn more about the culture and to improve my English a bit.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’ve spent a lot of my life in a theater.
  • In Bareclona, I participate in correfocos which are parades and parties with fire.
  • I live close to the beach and I haven’t been there for over two years.
  • I really love music and I have gone to more than 20 festivals in the last 4 years.